Coaxial Cable Technical

Coaxial Cable Technical

The ever increasing demand for bandwidth requires close tolerance interconnects. At General Wire Products, we are committed to providing the finest performing coaxial and twinaxial cables available. A constantly evolving system of testing, SPC, process engineering, designing and selecting materials enables us to produce top quality high performance coaxial and twinaxial cables.


Coaxial Cable Construction Abbreviation Key



Solid or Stranded - Conductor diameter is included

  • BC - Bare Copper
  • TC - Tinned Copper
  • SPC- Silver Plated Copper
  • CCS - Copper Covered Steel


Foamed or Solid - Engineered for desired impedance. Dielectric diameter included for connector compatibility

  • PE - Polyethylene
  • FEP - Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene
  • FPE - Foamed Polyethylene
  • FF - Fluorofoam
  • AS-PE - Air Spaced Polyethylene
  • AS-FEP - Air Spaced Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene



Foil and copper shields are utilized. dependant shield effectiveness and signal loss requirements. Copper shields can be braided or served. Foil shields provide 100% coverage. Braided or served shields coverage percentage is designated in each individual coaxial specification.

  • AM Foil - Aluminum Mylar Polyester Tape
  • BCSS - Bare Copper Served Shield
  • BCBS - Bare Copper Braid Shield
  • TCSS - Tinned Copper Served Shield
  • TCBS - Tinned Copper Braid Shield
  • SPCSS - Silver Plated Copper Served Shield
  • SPCBS - Silver Plated Copper Braid Shield


Jacket material selection is dependent on the cable application and safety rating.

  • FR-PVC - Flame Retardant PVC - Riser and General Purpose rated
  • TPE - Thermo Plastic Elastomer - Highly Flexible
  • PU - Polyurethane - High Flexibility, Chemical and Abrasion Qualities
  • PE - Polyethylene for Outdoor and Direct Burial Applications
  • FEP - Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene- Plenum Rated 200 Degrees C
  • HALAR - ECTFE - Plenum Rated 150 Degrees C
  • KYNAR - PVDF - Plenum Rated 125-150 Degrees C
  • PlenAlloy - Plenum Rated PVC - 75 Degrees C