T1 Cables


T-Screen Cables

The cable products outlined here are designed for a multitude of telecommunications uses, including T-1, T-3, HI-CAP, Primary rate ISDN, DSL, HDSL, ADSL, SDSL, VDSL and Central Office Interconnects.

The product line is offered in Plenum, Riser and General Rated Safety Compliance so it is suitable for any installation environment. All of these cables are in stock from 2 Twisted Pairs to 56 Twisted Pairs.

T-Screen Cables - Key Features

  • Termination Compatibility - Wire wrap, Punch down Block and RJ 45 connectorization compatibility.
  • Cat 5 type electrical characteristics that provide the widest signal bandwidth and future application upgrade potential.
  • Excellent impedance stability across transmission frequency spectrum.
  • Complete send and receive signal isolation
  • Full safety compliance
  • The shields of the send and receive groups are color coded, making for faster, easier, more accurate termination and eliminating the need to continuity test.
  • Cables are sequentially marked for footage. This coupled with the send and receive groups under one jacket eliminates the need for cutting and paralleling prior to installation. This feature also eliminates mismatched lengths and other waste generating mistakes. Ripcords under jackets provide termination ease and accuracy.


Performance Compliance

Bellcore TA-TSY-000131 Customer Premises Plenum Cables and Wire Bellcore TA-TSY-000132 Customer Premise Shielded Station Wire Bellcore TA-TSY-0000140 Standard Shielded Twisted Pair Cables

Safety Compliance

Underwriters Lab- Subject 13, 444, 910 and 1581 Canadian Standards Association - PCC FT 6 National Electric Code- Article 800 CPM(Plenum) CMR(Riser) CM(General)

Physical and Environmental Characteristics

The best materials have been selected for this family of cables. They are designed to stand up to any physical or environmental setting that could be encountered in normal applications and installs.

These Plenum rated cables have excellent characteristics for Physical, Environmental, Chemical, Aliphatic Hydrocarbon and Solvent Resistance, as well as being flame proof. Non-Plenum rated cables are more flexible. However, due to their PVC jacketing compounds, the physical and environmental characteristics are not as favorable.

Electrical Characteristics

The cables are designed and manufactured utilizing Category 5 principles and material selection to produce the widest bandwidth possible.

The family of T-1 cables is ideal for telecommunications interconnects including T-1, HI CAP, Digitized Subscriber Lines, Primary Rate ISDN or Central Office Applications. In the final analysis, these cables are the most cost/benefit effective was to provide long term interconnects in the central office environment.

Physical and Environmental
Conductor AWG  #24 Tinned Copper
Pair Counts Available in stock  2,6,10,16,28 and 56 Pairs* Custom items can be made to your specific needs for number of pairs
Melting Point  275 Degrees C
Flashpoint  655 Degrees C
Degradation Temperature 425 Degrees C
Embrittlement Temperature -196 Degrees C
Fuel Value >2200, < 6600
C NET Corrositivity < 15
 Abrasion Resistance Coefficient  <833 Scrapes/Mil
Characteristic Impedance  100 +/-4 Ohms @ 772 kHz
Attenuation    6.7 db/1000 Ft @ 772 kHz
Near End Crosstalk 85 db @ 1.544 MHz90 db @ 772 kHz
Insertion Loss <10 db/1000 @ 1.544 MHz< 7 db @ 772 kHz
Capacitance    15 Picofareds/Foot Max
DC Resistance < 28.6 Ohms/1000 Ft
T-1 Distance 480 Ft
21531    2 PR #24 T-1 Plenum Special Cap
21545    6 PR #24 T-1 Plenum Special Cap
21518A    10 PR #24 T-1 Plenum Special Cap
21519A    16 PR #24 T-1 Plenum Special Cap
21522A    28 PR #24 T-1 Plenum Special Cap
21523    56 PR #24 T-1 Plenum Special Cap
21551    2 PR #24 T-1 PVC Special Cap
21612    6 PR #24 T-1 PVC Special Cap
21613    10 PR #24 T-1 PVC Special Cap
21614    16 PR #24 T-1 PVC Special Cap
21615    28 PR #24 T-1 PVC Special Cap
21743    56 PR #24 T-1 PVC Special Cap