Custom Coaxial & Twinaxial Cables

 Custom Coaxial & Twinaxial Cables

custom cable - composite coax_smComposite Coax

custom composite coaxial cable_smComposite Coaxial

Due to our in depth knowledge of coaxial cable and connector performance requirements, GWP is uniquely qualified to design your application specific customized coaxial and twinaxial cables.  Our understanding of electrical requirements coupled with connector dimensional tolerances allow us to modify existing designs or develop new cables that suit your application while maintaining connector compatibility.

Let GWP solve your custom coaxial and twinaxial cable needs.
Let GWP use our expertise to solve your custom coaxial and twinaxial cable needs with high and low temperature extrusion capability and a thorough knowledge of Mil-C-17 and commercial standards make us uniquely qualified to design, develop, and manufacture your application specific coaxial and twinaxial cables.  With all major UL AWM coaxial component styles, as well as NEC Article 725 and 800 plenum and non-plenum cable approvals, GWP can provide full regulatory compliance on all of your custom cables.  Our third party verified performance cable test lab can document and certify all your cable test requirements.  This, combined with our liberal minimum run policy, allow us to provide the cables you want and the quantity you need.


Applications for custom cables include:

Existing coax or twinax can be reduced in size while maintaining characteristic impedance and connector compatibility.  Material selection can be utilized to enhance signal loss and cable strength, all while maintaining connector computability.

Existing commercial grade or Mil-C-17 type coax & twinax can be modified utilizing low smoke zero halogen materials while maintaining physical, electrical and dimensional requirements.  We can engineer, design and develop connector compatible low smoke zero halogen coax and twinax.

Expanded temperature range coaxial and twinaxial cables designed to maximize cable life in severe operating conditions.  Existing commercial grade or Mil-C-17 type coax and twinax can be modified utilizing proven harsh environment materials while maintaining physical, electrical, dimensional and connector compatibility requirements.


Coaxial and twinaxial cables designed to eliminate RF/EMI issues.  Manufactured to DOD/Telcordia standards or your custom requirements.  Contact factory for assistance

Developing and or modifying coaxial and twinaxial cables for medical electronics and sterile environments while maintaining electrical characteristics and connector compatibility.

Cabling groups of coax, twinax, twisted pairs or conductors under a common jacket.  Composite cable designs save space and termination costs by allowing you to put multiple components under one jacket.