About Us

General Wire Products, Inc.

General Wire Products, Inc. remains one of the last independent companies in the industry. Investing in of the art technology, we have been able to use our techniques to produce a customer driven, entrepreneurial cable manufacturing company. Today's users demand performance interconnect cables and we deliver. Our approach to manufacturing is a job shop with hands on management. This allows us to produce the quantity of cable you want to buy meeting your specific needs. We want to make cable sourcing easy for you.


Founded in 1952, General Wire Products holds all major UL/CSA/NEC approvals, as well as ETL and UL Category verification performance program and Mil-I-45208A. Our products are engineered to meet or exceed these standards.

General Wire Products, Inc. is a leading edge wire and cable manufacturing company with a commitment to excellence. We offer the technology base and product capabilities of tomorrow with the craftsmanship and attention to detail of yesterday. You will have the best of both worlds along with the finest performance cable products attainable.

"Your needs always come first at General Wire Products!"




Our mission is to provide the best application-suited cable products. Our team of material, electrical, and process engineers work tirelessly to design and build the best performing cables possible.

Design parameters include:

  • Application specific issues - electrical, environmental, mechanical
  • Physical performance - size, weight, strength, abrasion and cut though
  • Termination requirements - connector compatibility and process ease
  • Cosmetics and aesthetics - color matching, private label, logos and special packaging
  • Innovation - making the user aware of the product and performance trends and developments and incorporating these into the initial design to increase application life and performance of the cable
  • Prototypes - turning ideas into cables and providing interconnect solutions



We are committed to excellence. Constant investment in equipment, process technology and operator training ensure our product evolution. Our manufacturing capabilities include:

Insulation and jacketing materials: FEP Teflon, PFA Tefzel, Halar, Kynar, Hytrel, Nylon, Polyethylene, TPE, Polyurethane, Foam Poly, PVC, MFA, Polypropylene, Surlyn and Plenum rated Alloy

Other processes include: Twinning, cabling, taping, braiding, striping, printing and numbering.


General Wire's quality system is an integral part of everything we do from initial customer contact and quotations to manufacturing and shipping your product. Our quality system ensures product reliability and customer satisfaction.

As an ETL and UL verified Category Performance cable manufacturer as well as NHB 5300.4(1C) and Mil-I-45208A approved house, our system entails the following:

Material review: This is performed on each part number. Our "Team" analyzes new products before manufacturing to ensure compliance to customers' product expectations.

Sourcing: All raw materials are purchased from approved sources ensuring quality conformance before manufacturing.

Incoming Inspection: Eliminates the risk of sub-standard material being processed. Constant analysis and feedback is documented and presented to each vendor.

Manufacturing: We are constantly training, documenting and refining all processes. Statistical process control system is used as a maintenance tool to ensure equipment is performing 100% of the time.

Testing: All electrical, physical, and environmental tests are performed to the customer, regulatory, and product performance compliances.

General Wire is in the process of upgrading our quality system so we are ISO 9001 certified. The expected certification will be completed by January 2016.


Our sales specialists are committed to you, the customer. We are totally responsible for all of your needs. Your products will be manufactured and specified from prototype development to production line requirements. We offer the same enthusiasm and effort regardless of the product stage.

  • 24 hour quote turn around
  • Liberal minimum runs
  • Short lead times
  • Safety stock or JIT programs
  • Custom cable solutions
  • Coaxial and Twinaxial
  • Multi-Conductor Shielded and Unshielded
  • Multi-Pair Shielded and Unshielded
  • Individually Shielded Pairs
  • Category 5 UTP & STP
  • Category 6 UTP & STP
  • Telecommunication Products :
    T1, ABAM, DS-3, 734 & 735 COAX
  • Environmental Control Cables
  • Factory Automation
  • Composite Cables
  • Custom Application Specific Cables
  • General Purpose Data and Point of Sale Products
  • Woven Cables
  • Controlled Impedance Cables
  • Custom Cables